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marijuanaOn Thursday, February 21st, Spinal Cord Injury BC hosted a PeerWeb Info Session with Rielle Capler, a PHD student and co-founder of the .

Rielle’s webinar “The Current State of Medical Cannabis in Canada,” covered the therapeutic uses of cannabis and also gave information on services that dispensaries provide.

There was great discussion on the recently proposed changes to regulations for accessing medical marijuana.

If you missed it, you can access a video of the webinar on our YouTube page:

Given that there are many people with SCI who have chronic pain, and for whom medical marijuana can be a pain management option, as well as something to assist with sleep and managing spasms, we wanted to share with you some resources from the webinar.

For background on the proposed changes to medical marijuana legislation, you may wish to explore the following links:

Canadians for Safe Access

The Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids

Government of Canada, The Canadian Gazette

If you have any questions about medical marijuana or the proposed changes to the regulations, here is a link to the BC Compassion Club, an organization which offers community service and non-profit medical cannabis distribution in Canada.



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  • chris

    where is a reliable canadian blog site dedicated to up to date medicinal marijuana news and law changes, or any other announcements?

    • Candice Vallantin

      Hi Chris,

      The resources listed in this blog post are the best ones we know of at this time.


  • markabley136

    Seeing the results of marijuana in curing diseases, the use of medical marijuana in Canada is being encouraged among people so that they can have their benefit.

  • Johnny

    Before I applied to Health Canada, I did some research to understand why marijuana was deemed an illegal substance. There are many theories. Some point to taxation, some point to attempts to stop illegal immigration from Mexico and blaming African Americans for economic hard times. As ridiculous as that sounds, propaganda can be effective if packaged right and the public is fed a steady diet of the same message.

    Once a government decides on something, it takes an enormous amount of effort and evidence to change its policy. The same can be said for the public. When in doubt, most people will go along with the government. The public surrenders its right to educated themselves on a topic. Perhaps they don’t see how it impacts them, or they just aren’t interested.

    We live in the day of information. We will refer to our society as the time before the internet and the time after the internet. However, even with access to the internet, we still have human rights being violated in many countries. Our government wags its finger at another government in front of the cameras and then signs billion dollar deals. We say we are concerned about the planet but we still buy plastic water bottles.

    When you say Medical Marijuana to someone, almost everyone rolls their eyes or smirks. These same people see the distinction between the medical uses of morphine and the devastation caused by its recreational use.

    Any change in society’s opinion of medical marijuana will only happen by open and frank discussion. People need to understand, medical marijuana is a valid option to mainstream medicine that has been used for thousands of years.

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