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On Saturday, August 17th, 10 teams of four participants raced across the city, from Granville Island to Lonsdale Quay, Science World and YVR, using everything TransLink has to offer. There were trivia questions, flat tires, and other obstacles along the way, but ultimately everyone made it back for our BBQ and three teams managed to nab top prizes.

  • First Place went to the Wheelin’ Racers, Tina Poole, Sarah Lapregent, Nicole Whitford and Jennifer Fader.
  • Second place winners were Team Spunky, Bayan Azizi, Jonathan Burton and their two team members.
  • Third place went to The Indecisives, Renuka, Carol, Amberly and Tammy.
  • Our Team Spirit Prize went to The Hanson Family (aka. The Green Goblins), David, Davis, Sheri and Jessica Hanson, who came back after winning last year.

Click here to see our photo album on Facebook. Here’s what our participants had to say about this year’s event:

Third place winners, The Indecisives

Third place winners, The Indecisives

“My team The Indecisives and I had a fantastic time doing the Bus Stop Hop on Saturday. It was so well organized and everyone spoiled us with treats and the wonderful BBQ. It was such a fun way to challenge ourselves and share many laughs. On a personal note I appreciate that as someone with mobility issues I am included even though I don’t have a spinal cord injury.  It has been helpful to share and learn from others.”


Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in the Bus Stop Hop yesterday as both my team and I had a blast! 


Second place winners, Team Spunky

May, who has both a brain injury and spinal cord injury, told me that the experience gave

her more courage to try taking the SkyTrain on her own in the future. It was her first time riding public transit into Richmond. She said to tell you that she had a wonderful time and

is looking forward to your other events!

Jiwan, who mostly depend on family or HandiDart to get around, had thought that it was a grand adventure although tiring as he was breaking in a new chair.  Nevertheless, the huge smile on his face shows you just how happy the experience was for him!!

If your goal yesterday was to familiarize people with mobility issues with the transit system, you have definitely succeeded in spades with both May and Jiwan.

With much appreciation,

Dan and Lillian (the walking members of the team)”


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  • Tammy Corness

    I had so much fun at the Bus Stop Hop! It was my first time so I wasn’t sure what to expect but everything was well organized and the BBQ at the end was a great opportunity to catch up with people I hadn’t seen in a long time. The race challenges were thought provoking and we really had to work together as a team and strategize in order to be successful. I learned a lot about using public transit. I’m sure it will open up many opportunities for me. Thank you to the organizers and my team members for a fun and memorable day!

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