Paulo Guerrero

An athlete by nature, Paulo Guerrero trains relentlessly and doesn’t shy away from any challenge. Since his SCI in 2018, he’s enthusiastically immersed himself into pretty much every adaptive [...]

Pat Harris

Pat Harris has a long history with SCI BC that started when he was just a boy being visited by peer counsellors. Since then he's been paving the way for other people with disabilities to get [...]

Marney Smithies

It all comes down to one person. Having that one person to support you and say, “Let’s go to this coffee group” or to encourage you to get out. Nobody really gets it unless they’ve been there.

Mike Inouye

Mike Inouye, electrician, welder, fabricator and builder of hot rods and cars. A talented and resourceful man whose life changed in 2017 during a seemingly normal day working as Electrical [...]

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