Spinal Cord Injury BC

Why do you need a Power of Attorney?

Appointing a trusted family member or a friend as power of attorney is something that should be considered with care and with the help of a lawyer. Read on to find out what it is exactly, how it works and what can happen if you don’t have one.

Accessibility Legislation is Inspirational, even when it isn’t.

While the highly-technical legalese of the Accessible BC Act doesn’t appear to be inspirational at first glance, what it represents, and what it sets in motion is truly inspirational. Chris McBride explains why it’s written this way, and the magnitude of change the Act is intended to achieve.

How to Engage in Activism Without Attending a Protest

If you feel passionate about a movement what can you do to support it? With COVID-19 and as a person with a disability, do you feel safe participating in a protest? Here is some info on how to get involved and effect change while staying safe.

True Accessibility and Inclusiveness

New legislation is vital, but creating incentives might be more important. Where does the new Accessible Canada Act fit into this notion? Our Executive Director weighs in.