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We’re excited to announce that SCI BC and Chairstuff have entered a new, long-term partnership to help provide continued support and programs!


When Steve Milum first started his medical supply business, Chairstuff, in 2001 he was the sole employee, owner, and operator responsible for delivering products to people across the province from a makeshift warehouse in his house. Eighteen years later and Chairstuff now has a full-time employee, delivers thousands of products from over a dozen manufacturers across the country and is moving locations to a new warehouse currently being built in the Lower Mainland.

Despite this expansion, one thing has remained the same—Steve’s dedication to the job and the community he serves.

Steve at our recent Handcycle Demo Day.
Steve with his game face on at our Multi-Sports Day!

“When you’re newly injured you need support,” Steve explains. As someone with a C6-C7 injury, Steve knows firsthand the challenges that come with navigating a spinal cord injury and pursuing your goals. When he moved to Vancouver from Toronto in 1989, Steve connected with SCI BC (known as the British Columbia Paraplegic Association then) and started attending events to connect with other people in his new city.

Over the years, a formal partnership formed between SCI BC and Chairstuff, in which Chairstuff generously supported SCI BC’s Peer Program and events. “The work you’re doing is important,” Steve says. “So, it’s a win-win situation.

Chairstuff’s support has allowed us to provide new events like our Wellness Weekend and Learn to Camp while continuing to deliver vital support through coffee groups and annual staples like our SCI Forum.

This year, we’re excited to announce that Chairstuff is embarking on a new, long-term sponsorship with SCI BC to continue to help expand our reach to those living with an SCI or related physical disability and their families. Simply put, this renewed sponsorship means that supporting Chairstuff also means supporting SCI BC.

For Steve, who knows the importance of Peer support through personal experience, this partnership is an extension of the dedication to his community and his business. “I’m available pretty much 24/7 by phone or email,” he says. “I really believe in the work [we’re] doing.”

Five fast facts about Steve and Chairstuff

1. Steve’s favourite SCI BC events are the SCI Fourm and our Multi-Sports day!

2.The furthest place Chairstuff has delivered supplies is all the way to New Brunswick!

3. Steve’s advice for customers looking to purchase products? “It’s all personal. It comes down to individual preference and what works for you. If I can offer advice, I will, but in the end you will know what works best.”

4. Steve says his motivation to start Chairstuff was inspired by his experience working in the corporate world and his family. “I had two young children at home and I wanted to spend more time with them, and see them grow up.”

5. Steve’s favourite pastime is handcycling!

To learn more about Chairstuff visit them online, email or call 1-866-363-0025.

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