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During this time of social distancing, Coloplast Care is here to continue to support those with bladder management issues. Here are some important facts that you may not know about the Coloplast Care Program!

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1. Coloplast Care is not just for new patients

Coloplast Care offers support for intermittent catheter users at any stage of their journey.  If you are new to using intermittent catheters, we can help you find the right product, help you to access your products and offer tips on hygiene and establishing healthy bladder routines.  If you are more experienced, perhaps you would like to explore getting back to an exercise routine, taking an overseas trip or are worried about intimacy.

2. Coloplast Care Advisors talk to thousands of Canadian users each year

Our advisors talk to thousands of Canadian users each year and because of this, they have a wealth of knowledge on Coloplast products.  The Care Advisor can help you explore new products (they can even send you free samples to try), while also helping you troubleshoot any issues that you may be experiencing with your current products.  They have lots of tips learned from their experience with other Canadian users.

3. Coloplast Care Advisors talk about MORE than just products

Our Care Advisors take questions on all topics including travelling, returning to work, maintaining healthy routines in social situations, intimacy and diet and nutrition advice for a healthy bladder. Whatever your question, Coloplast Care Advisors are here to provide you with tips and real-life examples of how to get back to doing the things you love.

4. Coloplast Care Advisors can help you navigate options

Our Care Advisors are well-versed in different sources of reimbursement for our bladder and bowel management products.  Care Advisors have helped other Canadian patients access federal, provincial and private reimbursement.  Coloplast Canada has also created the Letter of Recommendation, which can be completed by your healthcare provider, to provide a rationale as to why you need specific products and the frequency.

5. Coloplast Care is also online! 

Did you know that Coloplast Care has a dedicated website full of nurse-validated articles about life as a catheter user?  Covering everything from the basics to lifestyle and getting back to the things you love, the Coloplast Care website is a resource at your fingertips 24/7.  The website also contains inspirational user stories from other Canadian catheter users! They are also available to connect via email at

6. Coloplast Care includes a free self-assessment tool 

Have you taken the Continence Check?  The Continence Check is a free online self-assessment tool that helps you check for some of the common issues associated with catheterization.  The Continence Check only takes a few minutes to complete, and any answers that may indicate an issue will trigger a follow-up call from a Coloplast Care Advisor.  The Care Advisor can help you troubleshoot any change in your routine and will direct you follow up with your healthcare provider for any issues that need clinical guidance.

7. Coloplast Care has many free resources for you to access

Our Care program also offers many different free resources including travel cards that can assist you when you travel, contacts in other countries to ensure you can access support worldwide and various tools to assist in catheterization. Reach out to the team through our toll-free number 1-866-293-6349 or through our website.

You can check out all the Coloplast Care has to offer by visiting the Coloplast Care website; or by contacting the Coloplast Care team at 1-866-293-6349.

Note: Content sponsored by Coloplast. This is general information. You should follow the specific instructions provided by your healthcare provider and the catheterization solution you are using.

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