Frequently Asked Questions

Look for the Login/Register link in the top right-hand corner of the website. If you’re using this website on mobile, look for the person icon in top right-hand corner. Or visit the Registration page.

Our Adaptive Cycling Program is a member club of Cycling BC, which leads the training, safety and leadership of community cycling clubs around BC. They also allow our program to access insurance and education that enables us to provide a fun and safe ride for all of our participants.

Cycling BC’s site CCN provides us a single registration page to allow our participants to sign waivers, give us basic information that helps us select the right bike for you, and collect your emergency contact information. SCI BC covers the cost of fees that Cycling BC assigns to sessions like these to cover insurance costs by giving our participants a coupon code to register themselves for sessions they want to participate in at no cost to you.

It’s really easy – but if you ever need help, just call 604-326-1235 or email and we’ll help you through.

Information you share with us is collected in compliance with BC’s Personal Information Privacy Act (PIPA). This means the information is stored privately on our Canadian servers. Spinal Cord Injury BC may use participant data under our Terms and User Agreement. SCI BC will not share disability information for any reason without participant consent.

This program is made possible in partnership with other organizations who have limited and specific uses for participant information:

HUB Cycling & the City of Vancouver: Name, birthdate and contact information will be shared with our program partners for insurance and safety/occupancy information.

Cycling BC: SCI BC’s Adaptive Cycling Program is a member club of Cycling BC. All participants will receive an introductory membership for 6 weeks as part of your participation in our program. If you choose to continue participating, you can extend your membership with Cycling BC. If Cycling BC membership cost is a barrier to your participation in our program, please get in touch. Cycling BC collects membership information under their privacy policy.

At the end of the season, participant information will be stored for two years unless you return to participate again.

This program requires a lot of resources to organize. Staff, volunteers, vehicles, community space and insurance are required for each session. A small fee helps remind participants to attend and reduces the possibility of no-shows. We are pleased to refund half of your registration upon request after you show up for your session.

This program is designed to lower the barriers to trying and using a handcycle or adaptive bike and is geared towards the needs of new riders or those looking to learn the basics and ride safely with others.

All our sessions are facilitated by an instructor or ride leader with training and experience in adaptive cycling. Group Rides and some other sessions will also include peer riders who are experienced handcyclists or adaptive cyclists.

Our program starts with a Bike Fitting & Clinic for participants looking to try a handcycle or adaptive trike to give you time to get comfortable on the bike you’re matched with and learn how to confidently operate it before you go for a ride.

No! We have helmets, reflectors, and everything you need to legally and safely cycle. This also includes straps, foam wedges, cushions and other useful supplies to help get you comfortable on the bike you are matched with.

We have a selection of cushions available to use if you require a pressure relief cushion but can’t use your own. Some very rigid wheelchair cushions like the RIDE Custom cushion are not suitable for use on a handcycle.

For Group Rides, if you’re riding your own bike please make sure to bring your own helmet (or email us if you need to borrow one), and ensure your own bike is in good repair and safe to use (functional brakes, steering, gear shifting and tires).

All participants must wear a functional helmet that fits your head and must:

  • have a smooth surface
  • be built so it’s capable of absorbing energy on impact
  • be strongly attached to a strap designed to be fastened under your chin
  • be undamaged and less than 6 years old.

Participants riding our bikes will be supplied a helmet, those riding their own adaptive bikes should bring their own helmet meeting the criteria above or let us know they need to borrow one.

We have a variety of bikes, some of which offer a relatively easy transfer for a wheelchair user. We also have tools to make the transfer easier for you, including a slide board and an adjustable height seat that can lower you to the level of the handcycle. Our instructors and volunteers can assist by spotting, helping with balance, as well as using these transfer aids safely. Participants are welcome to bring a friend or caregiver along to assist them to transfer.

Please note, at this time we are not set up for full assist or hoist transfers.

Handcycle Lift Seat

Handcycle Lift Seat: Works like a bathtub lift, but has a wider platform for stability and helps lower you from your chair level to a handcycle or lift you from handcycle to chair level.

Sliding Transfer board: We have a transfer board you can borrow or you can bring your own.

Sliding Transfer board

Bike fittings are a 1:1 session with a maximum of 2 people and 2 instructors over a 60-90 minute session. You only need to do this to be set up in a bike you have not yet had a bike fitting and assessment with us before. Riders who are using their own adaptive bikes/handcycles do not need to complete this type of session.

Group Rides may be as large as 8 participants and 4 instructors or volunteers per session.

Up to one friend with their own bike/handcycle and helmet can participate with you during a Fit/Assessment or Group Ride. Your friend should register separately for the same session. Family or friends who are joining to observe or assist with transfers are welcome and do not have to register but cannot ride alongside you.

Yes! Please give us 24 hours notice if you have to cancel so we can offer the space to someone else. Please contact Jenna Wright to cancel.

Spinal Cord Injury BC organizes all of our in person events and services in compliance with BC Public Health Orders relating to COVID-1 and our Return to In Person Events guidance.

Participants will receive a reminder 24 hours before the session and we ask that if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or similar, that you let us know so we can re-book your session in the future.

SCI BC’s Adaptive Cycling is based out of Trout Lake Community Centre in Vancouver’s Trout Lake (John Hendry) Park located at Victoria Drive and East 15th Avenue. Trout Lake Community Centre has ample accessible parking off of Victoria Drive. Accessible washrooms are available during our Fitting and Assessment and Cycling Clinic sessions.

Group Rides are scheduled for off-street trails around Vancouver, including at Trout Lake Park, Central Valley Greenway, and other locations. You can choose the Group Ride that matches your interest, location, and skill set!

Rain is a fact of life in Vancouver and our sessions will go ahead rain or shine, however there are times when weather may force session cancellations:

  • High probability of heavy rain or hail
  • Extreme heat
  • Lightning

Instructors will contact participants in the event of a cancellation and rebook the session whenever possible.

We get it, but it doesn’t take much to register and you get some great perks! Registration is required to make sure everyone is safe by having enough volunteers and instructors on hand to ensure that everyone no matter their skill level has a safe, fun ride, and offer support for getting your bike out of your vehicle and set up. Our program is also a club insured by Cycling BC, so for registering you get a Cycling BC “mini-membership” (ordinarily a $15 cost) that lets you check out the benefits of Cycling BC membership for 5 weeks at 1/3 the price (and help Cycling BC learn about the interests and needs of adaptive cyclists).

All riders using their own handcycles or adaptive bikes will need to arrive 10 minutes early to leave time for a quick safety check with an instructor before the group ride begins. Participants must still register beforehand and indicate they are bringing their own equipment.

Participants riding their own adaptive bikes or handcycles are asked to register and share similar basic disability and contact information as well as sign a waiver so that we have enough information to offer support where it’s needed or in case of an emergency.

Please bring:

  • a snack and a water bottle
  • an extra layer of clothing appropriate for the weather
  • sunscreen


a functional helmet that fits your head that:

  • must have a smooth surface
  • be built so it’s capable of absorbing energy on impact
  • be strongly attached to a strap designed to be fastened under your chin
  • be undamaged and less than 6 years old

Please make sure you have looked after your bathroom needs before your session.

Bike Fitting & Clinic sessions will take place near accessible toilet facilities. We recommend you arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early so you have ample time to use the bathroom before your session. Getting into and comfortable in an adapted bike can take some time so it’s helpful to avoid having to repeat it!

Participants in group rides will not have close access to a bathroom throughout the whole ride. If nature calls in the midst of a ride, an instructor or volunteer will return with the participant to the starting point to use the facilities.