Bike Fittings & Clinics

This program promotes fun, community physical activity for people with disabilities by lowering barriers to adaptive cycling.

The Bike Fitting & Clinic is a 90 minute session that focuses on getting you set up safely and comfortably in one of our adaptive bikes, and orientation to how it works in an off-street open space with room to learn.

A Group Ride is for participants riding our bikes who have completed a Bike Fitting and Clinic, and for people riding their own adaptive bikes. We have support to get you set up and have routes chosen for all levels of experience.

These sessions are held most Saturdays (except long weekends) from 11am-1pm and 2-4pm.

The clinic component of the session digs a little deeper into your level of ability to safely operate a bike with an e-assist, including:

  • Reaction time
  • Stability
  • Using brakes and gear selection
  • Operating e-assist
  • Turning left and right; weaving between cones
  • Cycling on slopes

Clinics end with a trail ride with other participants led by the instructor..

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