Bike Fittings & Clinics

This program promotes fun, community physical activity for people with disabilities by lowering barriers to adaptive cycling.

The Adaptive Bike Clinic + Ride (ABC+) is a 90 minute session that focuses on getting you set up safely and comfortably in one of our adaptive bikes, a basic orientation to how it works in a protected park space, followed by a group ride

An ABC+ Group Ride involves up to 4 people and two guides riding together on an off-street park trail – we choose the rides to give you a chance to try out the bike, learn some skills and enjoy the area.

These sessions are held usually on Saturdays. See the main page for dates, or our club registration page (part of Cycling BC). To register, email Avery Albrecht:

The clinic component of the session digs a little deeper into your level of ability to safely operate a bike with an e-assist, including:

  • Reaction time
  • Stability
  • Using brakes and gear selection
  • Operating e-assist
  • Turning left and right; weaving between cones
  • Cycling on slopes

Clinics end with a trail ride with other participants led by the instructor.