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Spring is the early wine tour season in British Columbia, and there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a sampling of our province’s best wines right in the beautiful places they’re made. Get planning and get out there. Guest blogger and travel agent David Lyons-Black helps you ease the travel headache and focus on what really matters—drinking wine!!!


Ensure your accommodations meet your needs. Be sure to ask your prospective hotel/motel/B&B about accessible amenities such as:

  • Roll in showers
  • Raised toilets
  • Wider doorways
  • Door peepholes at wheelchair level
  • Informed concierge staff and on-site accessible restaurants

Source methods of travel that work for you:

  • Avoid tour buses. They tend to lack accessibility features such as lifts, storage for chairs, and kneeling capability for easier access to stairs.
  • Consider a limousine service that supports travelers by assisting with luggage, wheelchair stowing and transferring from the chair into the limo. This also ensures you have a built-in designated driver!
  • Go self-guided. Use your own transportation (vehicle, motorcycle, etc) and designated driver. This is probably your best bet as you’ll be familiar with accessibility features and creature comforts. A car or van rental may also meet your needs and might make your tour a real party!

Ensure your preferred vineyards and tour locations have the following:

  • Tasting Bars that are lowered or side table/in-restaurant tasting for your drinking pleasure and interaction with winery staff.
  • Accessible parking, entries, doorways and paths.
  • Staff that will carry out your purchases to your vehicle or will ship to your home address.
  • A construction free experience—inquire about possible renovations and/or construction that can limit your access and enjoyment.

Following these helpful tips can only enhance your experience and make your wine tour a worry free vacation without spending crazy dollars. Have questions or need more information? David has traveled extensively—around the world and in BC—and would love to talk to you. You can contact him here or call our InfoLine at 1-800-689-2477 for more tourism information.

With 24 countries travelled, many as a tourist in a wheelchair, David Lyons-Black is excited to share travel news, tips and tricks that will take you from armchair wanna be traveller to a well-travelled real adventurer—barrier free! Developing a long term relationship with his clients is key to fulfilling their travel dreams and adventures. Visit David’s travel website and blog here.

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