This month’s Reach Out! Virtual Peer session is a Peer discussion about adaptive sports across the province! Whether you’re already a sports-afficianado or someone looking to try something new, you’re invited to join in the discussion! Staff and Peers from a variety of adaptive sports organizations may join us as well.

Virtual Peers are for anyone who can’t always make it to our events in person, or have an interest in this topic! Call or log in using a phone, smart phone, tablet or computer.

Contact Teri for more details.


Please Note: 

Our themed Virtual Peer Sessions are captured on video and posted on Youtube for education purposes for our community. People who participate in these sessions by video or audio will be part of the recording. For suggestions of how you can participate while remaining confidential, email Teri at or join us at Brandy’s Virtual Peer Coffee Group and watch for the topical Virtual Peer Session on our video playlist:


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