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Teri Thorson Spinal Cord Injury BC Accessible Travel wheelchair

Your tour guide Teri Thorson has lived with C5 Tetraplegia since an injury in 1996. She has travelled the world for work, competition and fun.

Take the guesswork out of air travel with a physical disability – get a personalized tour of YVR from WestJet, YVR Airport Authority, CATSA and SCI BC!

Date: May 31st 2018

Time: 2pm-4pm

Venue: YVR Airport Authority Domestic Terminal departures level

  • Hear from airline staff on what information they need and when to ensure you have the help you need for your flight.
  • Find out how to get help with bags or assistance to the gate.
  • Get an overview of security screening for wheelchair users from CATSA and try it out yourself in a low-stress environment.
  • Hear the best tips and tricks from experienced travellers with SCI throughout the tour
  • Demo the Washington/Aisle chair, Eagle 2 Lift and see how airlines can transfer you safely to your seat.

The tour is free, fun and packed with great information from people with SCI who are experienced travellers. Space is limited! Sign up using the form below. 

Guests are welcome (up to 2 per participant, first come first serve), and all participants and guests must have current legal government-issued photo ID (such as BCID, Driver’s Licence, Passport) with them on the tour.

The tour is free! Parking is complimentary thanks to YVR Airport Authority, and you can easily access YVR is by public transit.  Questions? Contact Jocelyn Maffin, jmaffin@sci-bc.ca.


YVR Experience Tour 2018 Sign up

  • Please indicate your legal first name (ie the name you have on a passport or BCID or driver's license).
  • Please indicate your legal last name/surname (ie the name you have on a passport or BCID or driver's license).
  • Please indicate the email address you use regularly so we can contact you with updates or for clarification.
  • Please leave us a phone number we can reach you on the day before and the day of the event.
  • What sort of disability do you have?
  • Check the boxes below to let us know what you'll be using so that we can tailor the tour to your needs.
  • Because this tour takes you past security in a working airport, we are required by federal law to check a government-issued photo ID for every tour participant and guest. What government issued current photo ID card will you use? (BCID, Driver's License, Passport)
  • Up to 2 guests or attendants are welcome to join you on the tour. You must indicate here their legal first and last name. You are responsible to ensure they bring a legal form of photo ID with them for the tour.


wheelchair accessible travel YVR airport disability SCI BC

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