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From writing, travel and sports, to board games, woodworking and cooking, our SCI BC Peers share their passions, pastimes and expertise. See a hobby you’d like to know more about? Get in touch with any one of our expert Peers by contacting our InfoLine at 1-800-689-2477 or


 Social Media & Podcasting

Get basic social media training:

Understand social media strategy:

Find local podcaster meetup groups:


Find adaptive outdoor adventure with the British Columbia Mobility Opportunity Society (BCMOS):

Explore the outdoors from the comfort of your home with virtual tours of Northern BC Parks:

Get out on the water with Power To Be:


Find your instrument, record your album and connect with fellow musicians at the Vancouver Adaptive Music Society:

Get inspired at Vancouver Public Library’s Inspiration Labs:

Set of three woodworking chisels


Learn how to make anything out of wood with Tetra Woodworking Shop.

Call or email Tetra office: 604-688-6464/ or George Shipley: 604-596-9404

DIY/Maker Space

Come to WePress, a new and accessible art studio:

Work on personal design projects at Vancouver Hackspace, an accessible community studio:


Learn more about Cory Parsons and his book – Cooking with Cory:

Learn 7 easy tips to make cooking more accessible with SCI BC:


Participate in fun game nights with Strategies Games & Hobbies:

Find local board game meet ups from Board Game Geek:

Outdoor Wheeling 

Participate in wilderness recreation with British Columbia Mobility Opportunity Society:

Get involved in hand cycling with the BC Handcycle Club:

Watch a video on accessible mountain biking with SCI BC:


Join Vancouver Public Library’s writing and editing workshops:

Be a part of writing groups in BC with the Federation of BC Writers:

Find local meet up groups with the Meetup application:

Adventure Travel/Roadtrip[/mk_ornamental_title]

Explore BC’s greatest outdoor spaces with virtual tours of Northern BC Parks:

Have access to nature with Power To Be:


Arts & Crafts

Keep up to date with weekly knit/crochet meet ups in Vancouver with West Coast Knitter’s Guild:

Take sewing classes in Vancouver with Vancouver Sewing Classes: Wheelchair accessible


Be a part of Theatre Terrific’s classes, workshops and community:

Take inclusive dance lessons at All Bodies Dance: 

Watch a video on the All Bodies Dance Project:

Join weekly dance meetups with Fuse Wheelchair Dance.
Try wheelchair ballroom/precision dancing at Wheel Dance:
For more information, contact Toni Triplett at (604) 862.8761 or


Visit Rich Green Photography for a beautiful collection of outdoor photographs:

Be a part of SCI Outdoor Photography group:

Visit Dannielle Hayes Photography for an assortment of photographs from her travels: and

Join Professional Women Photographers, an organization that supports female photographers :

Adaptive Climbing

Be engaged in the Canadian rock climbing community with:

Participate in outdoor recreational activities with Power To Be:


Be a part of adaptive, restorative and therapeutic yoga with Trinity Yoga:

Participate in a variety of sports with BC Wheelchair Sports:

Try out Wheelchair Floorball, an adaption of ball hockey:

Have a personal fitness/rehab program that meets your needs with Ocean Rehab and Fitness:

Use the wide variety of exercise equipment at the Physical Activity Research Centre:

Whatever your passion is, we hope you can explore it and have a great time!

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