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Making a list and checking it twice? Use our Holiday Gif Guide for inspiration! We’ve searched high and wide for some of the best gifts for our SCI community. This is the one time peeking is allowed—take a look!

1. Handy Bag

Handy Bag is an innovative bag that aims to solve carrying problems for all wheelchair users. Inspired by his parents (both of whom are wheelchair users), founder Yair Zur created the Handy Bag in two unique designs. The Dynamic Bag is made for manual wheelchair users and can be easily pulled from the back of you chair to the front with little to no effort. The Side Bag is made for electric wheelchair users, can be handled with one hand and easily attaches to the side of your chair. Both bags are being funded by a Kickstarter campaign that runs until December 20. Be sure to visit the site now to grab yours!

Price: $$

2. Macdonald’s Home Health Care Compression Socks

Compression socks usually get a bad rep. Boring colours, poor fit, and uncomfortable material are just some of their common faux pas—but Macdonald’s Home Health Care compression socks are here to change all that. Their cool designs and versatile colours pair well with anything. Plus, their handy online sizing chart makes sure you get the right pair. Not to mention, Macdonald’s has been providing quality products since 1926 (which means they must have some pull with the big guy in the red suit).

Price: $

3. Tile

Quick, where are your keys? Your phone? Your wallet? Tile can help you find them all. This Bluetooth tracker easily sticks, hooks, or attaches to any device you want to keep track of. Through its easy to use App, Tile monitors the whereabouts of your items and shows you the time and place where you last had them. Pressing your Tile button will make your phone ring—even on silent—and other Tile devices ring within 100-feet. Further than 100-feet away? The app will notify you once it’s been found when another Tile user passes by, and with a community of over 6 million users, chances are it won’t be lost for long.

Price: $$

4. Bike Baskets

These baskets aren’t just great for bikes; they also make an amazing addition to your own four-wheeled ride. Hook them onto the back of your chair and voila! Your own personal carrier for groceries, gardening tools, extra tennis balls for your match, things you pick up around the house, maybe even an elf or two (OK we’re kidding about the last one). They can be found online at MEC, Amazon, Canadian Tire and more!

Price: $

5. Tetra Gear Lights

Light up the dark winter nights with Tetra Gear. Founded by the Tetra Society of North America, Tetra Gear is the brainchild of Eric Molendyk—who, after being struck by a car in his power chair in 2008—developed the idea for aerial and strip LED lights that dramatically increase the visibility of wheeled commuters. Brighter, more fashionable, and longer lasting than any Christmas lights you have Tetra Gear is a gift that will brighten anyone’s mood.

Price: $$

6. Creeps Tickets

Realwheels Theatre is proud to present, Creeps, an award-winning dark comedy by David E. Freeman. Premiering in the early 70’s, the play follows the story of four disabled men who escape their monotonous work and mistreatment by barricading themselves in the bathroom. There, the men discuss the world around them using Freeman’s thought-provoking and laughter-inducing dialogue. This one act play runs December 1-10, at The Cultch in Vancouver. Tickets can be purchased online and make a great early holiday gift!

Price: $

7. Light Therapy Lamps

Despite all the joy and cheer of the holiday season, it can be a difficult time for many people. One way to improve your mood and replenish some much-needed Vitamin D during the winter months is with a Light Therapy Lamp. Also known as a SAD lamp, for its ability to help curb Seasonal Affective Disorder, these lamps mimic sunlight with artificial light to increase your energy levels and mood. Do some research on what type you’d like and then browse Amazon for styles that work best for you!

Price: $$-$$$

8. Water Bottle Holder

Coming highly recommended from our SCI BC Resource Centre Manager, this water bottle holder from Wheelchair Gear boasts of having the “best clamping system on the market today”. Its stainless steel frame makes it tough, while its rubber grommet makes it smooth on your chair. Bonus: handy velcro tightening strap means that it can fit virtually any chair. A great stocking stuffer or practical gift for anyone! It is available to purchase online.

Price: $

9. IZ Adaptive Clothing

Since 2004, IZ Adaptive has been designing adaptive clothing that fits, flatters and functions. Their stylish clothes are made with signature cuts that flatter a seated body and use quality fabrics that are both durable and flexible. From the classic jeans and a tee look to sharp suits and business attire, their styles reflect every lifestyle. This year, with a heavy heart, IZ announced that they would no longer be able to do business. Their entire store is currently 40% OFF—the perfect gift-giving incentive! Get yours before they’re gone!

Price: $-$$

10. SmartDrive

What if you could put your chair on autopilot? This is the concept behind SmartDrive, a new power assist device that can propel you up steep hills, through thick carpet, and around tight corners all without using your hands. It’s lightweight (12.5lbs) easily attachable design and intuitive controls—the user wears a bracelet that wirelessly connects to the drive, pushing to go and tapping to stop—puts it at the top of our wish list this year! (We’ll have to do some major saving though before it appears under our tree!)

Price: $$$

Have any other great gift ideas? Let us know!

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