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Our 2017 SCI Forum focused on hobbies, pastimes and passions. After hearing about all the fantastic ways our Peers have adapted activities to suit them, we hope you’re inspired to try something new. Here are some local resources for finding a new activity!


 Social Media & Podcasting

Get basic social media training:

Understand social media strategy:

Find local podcaster meetup groups:


Find adaptive outdoor adventure with the British Columbia Mobility Opportunity Society (BCMOS):

Explore the outdoors from the comfort of your home with virtual tours of Northern BC Parks:

Get out on the water with Power To Be:


Find your instrument, record your album and connect with fellow musicians at the Vancouver Adaptive Music Society:

Get inspired at Vancouver Public Library’s Inspiration Labs:

Set of three woodworking chisels


Learn how to make anything out of wood with Tetra Woodworking Shop.

Call or email Tetra office: 604-688-6464/ or George Shipley: 604-596-9404

DIY/Maker Space

Come to WePress, a new and accessible art studio:

Work on personal design projects at Vancouver Hackspace, an accessible community studio:


Learn more about Cory Parsons and his book – Cooking with Cory:

Learn 7 easy tips to make cooking more accessible with SCI BC:


Participate in fun game nights with Strategies Games & Hobbies:

Find local board game meet ups from Board Game Geek:

Find local board game meet ups from Meetup application:

Outdoor Wheeling 

Participate in wilderness recreation with British Columbia Mobility Opportunity Society:

Get involved in hand cycling with the BC Handcycle Club:

Watch a video on accessible mountain biking with SCI BC:


Join Vancouver Public Library’s writing and editing workshops:

Be a part of writing groups in BC with the Federation of BC Writers:

Find local meet up groups with the Meetup application:

Adventure Travel/Roadtrip

Explore BC’s greatest outdoor spaces with virtual tours of Northern BC Parks:

Have access to nature with Power To Be:


Arts & Crafts

Keep up to date with weekly knit/crochet meet ups in Vancouver with West Coast Knitter’s Guild:

Take sewing classes in Vancouver with Vancouver Sewing Classes: Wheelchair accessible


Be a part of Theatre Terrific’s classes, workshops and community:

Take inclusive dance lessons at All Bodies Dance: 

Watch a video on the All Bodies Dance Project:

Join weekly dance meet ups with Fuse Wheelchair Dance: 

Try wheelchair ballroom/precision dancing at Wheel Dance:
For more information, contact Toni Triplett at (604) 862.8761 or


Visit Rich Green Photography for a beautiful collection of outdoor photographs:

Be a part of SCI Outdoor Photography group:

Visit Dannielle Hayes Photography for an assortment of photographs from her travels: and

Join Professional Women Photographers, an organization that supports female photographers :

Adaptive Climbing

Be engaged in the Canadian rock climbing community with:

Participate in outdoor recreational activities with Power To Be:


Be a part of adaptive, restorative and therapeutic yoga with Trinity Yoga:

Participate in a variety of sports with BC Wheelchair Sports:

Try out Wheelchair Floorball, an adaption of ball hockey:

Have a personal fitness/rehab program that meets your needs with Ocean Rehab and Fitness:

Use the wide variety of exercise equipment at the Physical Activity Research Centre:

Whatever your passion is, we hope you can explore it and have a great time!

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