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It kind of seems like a dumb idea, donating money to the organization that pays you to work there. It’s like some kind of extra tax on your wages.

But when I really started to think about it, it only started making sense.

Charitable giving is something that my family does. My wife and I were both brought up in families that believe in the value of charity and in the incredibly invaluable work so many charitable organizations do. We also like the tax deductions charitable giving provides, but this is really secondary to the gratification we feel for helping organizations make the impact in our community each and every day.

We all have causes and organizations that we feel more closely aligned to than others and are more apt to give to them because of some sort of connection we have to them. It might be because a family member or friend has suffered from a particular disease or condition, because we love animals or because we see the need for change in our communities. This is no different for the McBride household, where there are no shortages of causes we connect with. Sometimes we change up our giving from year to year, but whatever organizations we choose to direct our charitable donations to, they are ones we believe in, ones that we know are making a difference.

I have the tremendous privilege to work for SCI BC, a storied community service with over a half century of impact making history. Throughout its existence, this trusted organization has helped people with SCI and their families adjust, adapt and thrive as they have dealt with a new injury and as they’ve struggled with the ongoing challenges of living and aging with a physical disability. It has also improved the opportunities, rights and services of all British Columbians living with physical disabilities.

I also have the privilege of working with an exceptional group of uniquely talented and dedicated staff (over half of whom are people with SCI and other disabilities) who are delivering impact throughout our diverse province.

I believe in SCI BC and know the impact we make in people’s lives every day. I trust the organization for its ability to manage its resources wisely and in ways that allow it to do so much with so little. Having spent over 20 years in the field of SCI, it’s clearly a cause I care about, that I remain passionate about.

When I put all of this together, why wouldn’t I donate to SCI BC?

I am going to give to charity this year, so why not make it to the organization I know so well and that I believe in more than any other? SCI BC needs more help, so why not help myself?

Which is why on December 2, Giving Tuesday, I am going to donate to SCI BC. I am also going to take the initiative and start donating monthly to SCI BC. Monthly donations are a great way to make your charitable gift felt all year long, and with enough people becoming monthly donors, we can create much needed support that will allow SCI BC to continue to make its life changing (often life saving) impact for decades more to come.

So far from being a dumb idea, giving to the organization that pays me only make sense. More like a really smart idea.

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  • Dave

    Great post Chris. I’ve struggled to find the “right” charity to donate to for years, but not any more!

    • chris

      Thanks Dave!

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