Jubal Wright

Spinal Cord Injury BC peer with a C5-C6 incomplete quadriplegic injury

I’m Jubal Wright. I’ve been in a chair 12 years now, broke my neck mountain biking. Originally from Williams Lake.

How did you hear about Spinal Cord Injury BC?

Probably be Brad Jacobsen, he’s probably involved with everybody though, through GF Strong.

Why do you keep coming out to Spinal Cord Injury BC events?

I usually go camping myself, and James had told us about this and I said, ‘Sure I haven’t been out camping yet this year’, so I thought I would come out and check stuff out.

What kind of events have you participated in with SCI BC?

I go out hand cycling quite a bit. Spinal Cord Injury BC has been involved with wheelchair rugby events and I’ve played on the BC team for a couple of years.

What do you think is the best part of the Peer Support Program?

I think especially with new injuries, being able to get out, and live life. Not being worried about … like this, being out camping and you realize you kind of have to push boundaries a little bit and get comfortable with it. Yeah.

Since you’ve been involved with Spinal Cord Injury BC, how has this organization had an impact on your life?

I guess just meeting new people, and being exposed to different things that we can do.

Do you think that when you hang out with other people in chairs there are things you can’t talk about with family or friends?

Yeah. Well anything with bowel and bladders, with guys in chairs, it’s pretty normal – with anybody else, it’s like, why are we talking about this?

When you left GF Strong how old were you?

I was 21 when I broke my neck, yeah.

What would you tell someone with a new injury who is just leaving GF Strong right now?

Don’t let the chair hold you back. Just keep living your life, do what you want to do. If you liked doing something before your accident, figure out how to do it after. And yeah!

What would you tell someone about Spinal Cord Injury BC?

It’s definitely a good organization to come out to events like this, to meet new people, and to experience new things.

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