Marcella Lechuga


How volunteering with coworkers builds confidence and teamwork.

How long have you been a volunteer with Spinal Cord Injury BC?

It’s been about a year and I’ve done three events so far and they’ve been great.

How did you hear start volunteering with us?

Through my work at Slater Vecchio, there’s a volunteering committee that finds different places for us to volunteer with.

What do you like most about volunteering with our organization?

I like the people. The organizers are really nice and the people that come to the events are very nice as well and they’re really amazing people.

The reason I volunteer with SCI is that I’m actually interacting with people and it gives me a different take on life. They have disabilities but they go about and enjoy their life. If they do it, why can’t I? I fortunately have the health so I should enjoy life and go out and not let anything stop me.

What do like about this event, the Women’s Tea?

I think for the members it’s the one day that they can devote to feeling beautiful. Feeling pampered in a way. The attention is on them. Having tea and refreshments is nice.

It makes them feel important and as for the volunteers, I think in a way, at least for me, it makes me feel useful.

What do you get as a volunteer?

I just, it’s the satisfaction. I like being able to help in any way. At the Women’s Tea it could be serving or setting up. Being able to donate my time is rewarding. It feels good.

Since you’re here volunteering with your firm, how do you think it impacts your relationships with your coworkers?

We’re a medium to large firm, so I do know everyone but it’s not the same when you’re seeing people at work and seeing them outside of work. It’s nice because it creates a relationship outside of work and you get to know your coworkers a little bit better and it’s nice to go back to work and know that others have the same interests as me.

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