Mary Jo Fetterly

How Spinal Cord Injury BC helped me transition to life after SCI

“Hi my name is Mary-Jo Fetterly and I’m a C4-5 quad and I’m also a gal who had a spinal cord injury about nine years ago.”

I’ve been involved with Spinal Cord Injury BC (SCI BC) all the way back nine years ago when it was called the BC Paraplegic Association (BCPA) and I attended all the peer support things I could, especially rehab-rap. I had a peer councilor and a gal who was instrumental in helping me find housing.

I had landed here (VGH-Vancouver) really out of the helicopter from a rural setting near Nelson, British Columbia. I didn’t know the city and I had two daughters who were 16 and 18 so we had a lot of adjusting. The BCPA then, and SCI BC today, has been amazing through all those transitions.

Spinal Cord Injury BC is an essentially important organization from two different perspectives. First, I think we all need to have links into the community that are liaisons between what resources and options are available to us. We also benefit from having the personal experience of another who has been there when something very traumatic happens to us, such as a spinal cord injury. That’s why Spinal Cord Injury BC is so important, as an organization, it provides support on both those levels.”

Mary-Jo Fetterly is a yoga teacher with years of experience. Spinal Cord Injury BC occasionally sponsors her yoga classes for people with different levels of injury. For more information, visit our event calendar or her websites: and

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