Rebekha Gifford

Her father has had a high-level quadriplegic injury for 34 years

What changes have you noticed in your dad since he joined our Peer Support Program?

Some things that I’ve noticed about my dad since he’s started [Spinal Cord Injury BC’s Peer Support Program] is delight. He’s gone from being a person who spends a lot of time, really introspective and spending time just pursing things that helped him get through the day, and now he’s gotten to know people who are going through similar circumstances that he’s been through, similar problems and it’s helped him realize that his life is a good life.

How has being a part of this community helped your family, not just your dad?

Being a part of this community has helped our family because for the first time I think, the able bodied members of our family have been able to participate in life events with dad on a positive note. And to interact as a real family as opposed to interacting with each other as the family of someone who’s in a wheelchair. It’s more so, just mom, dad, sister and all others that are included in that and it’s been wonderful.

What kind of activities has your dad been involved in since he joined Spinal Cord Injury BC?

Some of the activities that my dad has been involved in has been hiking which is huge for him because he was very active before he got hurt and on his own he has pursued being that sort of person again and being active again but he can only go so far by himself and to have all those people help him and to be a part of so many people who are interested in pursuing these things with him has been amazing. And I’m so proud of him, he did a good job.

How would you describe this organization to someone who has never heard of it before?

Fun. I would describe this organization to someone who has never heard of it before as a group of people who get together and enjoy their life no matter how they are enjoying it. No matter what situation or circumstances they find themselves in they make a way and they enjoy themselves. That’s exactly how I would describe it. It’s good.

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