Vivian Garcia

Peer Mentor

“Spinal Cord Injury BC is setting the stage for magic to happen”

“I am a mentor for Spinal Cord Injury BC and I’ve been involved with the association for a long time.

Spinal Cord Injury BC is very unique in its capacity and its understanding of helping people and their families to grow, to move forward and to accept what can’t be changed. They do it through education, through caring, through connection and through being there when sometimes you feel like nobody else is.

Sometimes when you need something the most it shows up, and sometimes when you don’t expect anything at and all you come to an SCI BC event, out of the blue the answer comes your way.

The education is fun, the people are very very fun and in many ways, SCI BC is setting the stage and the foundation for magic and for education to happen.”

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Gordon Jones with his wife Linda