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Would extra groceries help stretch your food budget? The Vancouver Food Bank is here to help!

Do you need a bit of help to make your food budget work? Would extra groceries make a big difference to your nutrition? The Greater Vancouver Food Bank provides accessible, healthy and sustainable food to anyone needing a bit extra. With locations in Vancouver, North Shore, Burnaby and New Westminster, you can pick up food once a week to supplement your pantry. If you live outside these areas, you can contact the food bank in your city, or call BC 211.

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank distributes food to their members.


How to Register

To access the Food Bank, you will need to register at either the Food Bank’s main office (1150 Raymur Avenue, Vancouver) or at a location listed below. To register you will need to bring a piece of government-issued identification for each household member, and proof of address (eg: rental agreement or utility bill). You will receive a photo membership card to use at any of the Food Bank locations.

Picking Up Food

You can visit one Food Bank location each week to receive food. You will be provided with a 2-3 day food supplement, based on how many people are in your household. When possible, baby items are provided to families with children under the age of 18 months (formula/baby food) and under 36 months (diapers). Locations are closed the week that social assistance cheques are distributed, as well as statutory holidays.

Canned goods are useful to build a meal around.


Priority Mobility

If you are unable to wait in line for medical reasons, simply bring a doctor’s note indicating if your condition is permanent or temporary. You’ll be able to access the Food Bank location during “Priority Mobility” times.

Locations: All locations are wheelchair accessible, unless otherwise noted.


South Burnaby United Church 7591 Gray Avenue, Burnaby

9:30-10:30AM Priority Mobility, Families (children under 6) and Seniors

10:30-11:30AM All other members


St. Margaret’s Cedar Cottage Church 1530 East 22nd Avenue, East Vancouver

9:00-9:30AM Priority Mobility and Families (children under 6)

9:30-10:30AM Seniors (55+)

10:30-11:00AM All other members

Southside Community Church 7135 Walker Avenue, Burnaby

9:00-9:30AM Priority Mobility

9:30-10:30AM Families (children under 6) & Seniors (55+)

10:30-11:30AM All other members


Skeena Terrace 2202 Cassiar Street, East Vancouver

9:00-9:30AM Priority Mobility

9:30-10AM Families (children under 6)

10-11AM All other members

St. Paul’s Anglican Church 1130 Jervis Street, Downtown Vancouver *site has stairs

10-11AM All members

North Shore Neighborhood House 225 East 2nd Street, North Vancouver

9-10:30AM Priority Mobility, Families (children under 6) and Seniors (55+)

10:30-11:30AM All other members


Longhouse Ministry 2595 Franklin Street, East Vancouver *site has stairs

9:30-10:30AM All members

St. Augustine’s Church 8680 Hudson Street, South Vancouver

10-10:30AM Priority Mobility and Families (children under 6)

10:30-11:30AM Seniors (55+)

11:30-12:00PM All other members

St. Timothy’s Church 4550 Kitchener Street, Burnaby *site has stairs

11-12PM Priority Mobility & Seniors (55+)

12-12:30PM All other members

New West Community Food Hub

Olivet Baptist Church 613 Queens Avenue, New Westminster

10:30-11:30AM Priority Mobility, Families (children under 6), and Seniors (55+)

11:30-12:30PM All other members


Gordon Neighborhood House 1019 Broughton Street, Downtown Vancouver

9:30-10:30AM Priority Mobility and Families (children under 6)

10:30-11:30AM Seniors (55+)

11:30-1PM All other members

Mount Pleasant Community Centre 1 Kingsway Street East Vancouver

10:30-11AM Priority Mobility and Families (children under 6)

11-11:30AM Seniors (55+)

11:30-12:30PM All other members

Faith Fellowship Baptist Church 2551 East 49th Avenue, South East Vancouver

9-10:30AM All members

View the Food Bank calendar online

If you’re interested in learning new cooking skills or ways to stretch your food budget, keep your eyes peeled for our cooking classes, every other month in the adapted kitchen in the Blusson Spinal Cord Centre. Help prepare and share a meal, learn some new skills, and bring home some tasty leftovers for later! This June, SCI BC and the Greater Vancouver Food Bank team up to teach you how to take advantage of the upcoming fruit and berry season with our canning and freezing workshop. For more information or to sign up, email Jessica at

Learn about new tools and techniques at our adaptive cooking classes!

Learn about new tools and techniques at our adaptive cooking classes.

Want to learn more about how to use your food bank basket? Check out these cooking tips! We also have a variety of healthy recipes to try.

Looking for more resources for low-cost or no-cost meals? Vancouver Coastal health has a Food Asset Map.

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  • Ryan Clarkson

    It is worth noting that if you show up with an ID to become a member, they print your card right on the spot. They then scan that card and all your information comes up. This information will tell them when the last time you visited the food-bank was, so dont try and be sneaky and visit two locations in one week.

    If you have a partner or children that live with you, bring their ID and it will be added to your card when scanned. You can also have a proxy pick up for you if you have a medical reason and that persons ID.

    Bring your own tote bag or backpack as they usually do not have any to hand out.

    The food bank also accepts people with disabilities as volunteers, which is a great way to give back to the community.

    Most importantly, remember to be nice to the volunteers as they have no control over the type of food being handed out and are donating their free time!

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