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Vancouver, BC is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it’s also one of the most accessible! Partnered together, it makes for one of the most desirable destinations for travelers to visit from all over and this includes many people with physical disabilities.

For this reason Vancouver is constantly adapting to the needs of many of its visitors and residents, many of whom are leading the charge to live in a city of equal opportunity for all.

With so many people visiting one has to think that this inspires Vancouverites to travel themselves… and do we ever! Many people from around BC travel through Vancouver to get to where they are going.

For years, SCI-BC has been the go-to organization for experiential advice and guidance when it comes to accessible travel. For this reason we have teamed up with YVR to highlight and promote travel for those with physical disabilities.

In the months ahead, SCI BC will release a Travel Tips Guide and a few ‘How To’ videos to make the whole process of traveling from your home, to the airport and beyond as simple as possible. To do this we have called upon our many traveling Peers to help us answer the questions they struggled with when they embarked on their first few trips with a spinal cord injury.

YVR is a spectacularly beautiful airport that is world class in its design and architecture, but It’s not just easy on the eyes; the YVR staff are also constantly striving to improve the accessibility of their facilities.

That’s why SCI BC has partnered with YVR to get people with physical disabilities up in the air, because everyone should be able to enjoy the wonderment of the world around them.

Watch out for our online travel tips and how-to videos in the coming months. In the mean time, here’s a teaser to get you anticipating what’s to come.


A partnership between Spinal Cord Injury BC and Vancouver Airport Authority.

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