Looking to sell my 2011 Honda Odyssey EX van with VMI wheelchair side-entry Northstar conversion. The van is fully equipped for a quadriplegic, or person with reduced hand function to drive, and I can leave the equipments I added as is, if it helps you in driving yourself or your loved ones.

I bought this used in Nov 2022 from Sidewinder Conversions (Chilliwack) at 98,500kms and being an auto enthusiast, I have taken good care of the vehicle so far. Been to Seattle, Merritt, Whistler and countless other places, never once have I gotten stuck.

Specs of the car:

  • 110,800 kms (approx)
  • 3.5L V6 engine (has quite the kick, thanks to Honda’s VTEC engines)
  • 7 speaker audio system with Bluetooth + AUX + CD player
  • Digital Full HD rear view mirror mounted on dash, with inbuilt front and rear dashcam. Great wide-angle rear view clarity at night
  • New windshield installed in Nov 2022

Specs of add-on equipment for a person in wheelchair to drive:

  • Driver and passenger side seats are easily removable. You can drive from your wheelchair
  • QLK 150 EZ Lock installed on both driver and passenger side
  • Set of manual tie downs if you want to carry a wheelchair in the centre
  • Reduced effort steering (city driving is effortless)
  • Reduced effort braking (takes very little strength to press the brake)
  • 1 set of bluetooth switches mounted on door for wipers+washer and horn
  • 1 set bluetooth switches which can be mounted anywhere (even your wheelchair’s headrest) for turn signals
    (You will be getting all these driving aids along with the vehicle, no extra charge)

Service history (have receipts for all these if needed):

  • VMI Northstar ramp routine service: (Mar 2023)
  • Transmission oil change + Brake fluid change + power steering oil top up + coolant top up: ~103500km (May 2023)
  • Check engine light serviced: ~105000km (Jun 2023)
  • Rear AC blocked off + front AC fully recharged and restored: ~107000km (Jul 2023)
  • Passenger side sliding door serviced (Jul 2023)
  • Front brake rotors + pads changed / rear brakes serviced (75% pads remaining): ~108000km (Aug 2023)
  • Last engine oil + engine air filter change + inspection: 110150km (Sep 5, 2023 yesterday!)

As you can tell, the vehicle is really cared for, since it’s one of my prized possessions. You don’t have any major repairs coming up anytime soon. Let me know if you have any questions.

Sold as is. Buyer to verify.