Accessibility Tester                    

Date modified: August 4, 2021

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Recruitment Overview

Fable believes that to make truly accessible digital experiences, people with disabilities need to be included in the process from the beginning. For this reason, we have created a platform where people who use assistive technologies can connect with digital teams at large organizations and get paid to give feedback.

Working as a member of our Accessibility Tester Community you will:

  • Be trained for different types of customer engagements
  • Be part of an interactive and diverse community of testers
  • Develop and hone customer service skills

We are currently looking for people who use the following assistive technologies in Canada or the United States:

  • Screen Magnification
    • ZoomText
    • OS Magnification
  • Alternative Navigation
    • Switch System (including Eye Gaze and Sip and Puff)
    • On-screen Keyboard
    • Dragon NaturallySpeaking
    • Voice Control
    • Voice Access

 Role of a Fable Accessibility Tester

Fable Accessibility Testers (or, “Community Members”) test products and give feedback with the devices and browsers that they use in their daily lives. Accessibility Testers work from home on a flexible basis and are paid monthly for their time. Work is contractual and a minimum of 3 hours of testing every 90 days is expected. Accessibility Testers can choose to accept more work as it becomes available. Hourly wage is discussed during the interview process and increases based on experience and technology skills.


  • Use Fable’s platform to perform tasks and provide feedback
  • Uphold high levels of confidentiality and professionalism as a remote contributor
  • Complete up to 4 hours of both self directed and supervised training (all training is paid)
  • Participate in community discussions, surveys, and contribute to articles (optional)


  • Use of one or more of the assistive technologies listed above in your daily life
  • Strong communication skills, oral or written
  • Ability to follow instructions diligently
  • Positive attitude and self-motivated
  • Stable and secure internet connection  

Helpful attributes

  • Strong problem-solving skills with meticulous attention to detail
  • Past experience giving feedback in user research studies
  • Experience in quality assurance and web development

Apply here!

If you’re interested in applying, please go to the Fable Community Page and select the link under the Step 1 of the “How to Join Fable?” section. Once you complete the form, someone from Fable’s Community Team will be in touch within 2 business days. 

If you have any questions about the application process or the opportunity, please email: