This chairlift is actually 2 units with rails and chairs designed for a staircase which doubles back on itself – 2 chairs, 2 rails.  It has one electrical unit, with batteries for power outages, to run it as a single unit.  Chair 1 goes up 9 steps, then a landing where you transfer to Chair 2, which goes up 7 steps.  There are remote controls at all 3 levels.  It was sold as a single unit and the price included installation.  It could be sold as a single unit if the buyer wanted, or piecemeal – eg. one section, one chair, etc.  The price is as negotiable as one would expect if only portions were wanted or required. I spoke with Home Medical Supplies who would uninstall it for me (at my expense) and would reinstall it for a price (buyer’s expense). I said delivery is available, but that would require me making special arrangements.  I would prefer that it be picked up from my home.