Arjo Huntliegh Hammock Sling

This sling came with my lift and is inappropriate for my large frame

It is for a small bodied person or a child

The Hammock sling is designed to be used with ceiling and floor lifts.

Arjo Huntleigh ErgoFit® Hammock 6 strap sling provides full head support, neck support and double padding in the thigh region for comfort and straps are added for non-cooperative/agitated clients to prevent lateral falls.

The quick drying mesh fabric, make it ideal for bathing as well as general transfers.

Hammock strap sling has positioning handles at the back to help with transfers, and adequately position the client above a chair, to simply and quickly transfers from a sitting to an inclined position and to help pivoting the user. Double padding in the thigh section with ultra flexible nylon/polyester, which prevents skin irritations and easily instal’s on a person already sitting or lying down.


Maximum loading capacity: 272kg (600

lbs)Additional head support for better comfort Machine washable; easy to care for and clean

User positioning system based on the color of the straps

Additional straps were added for non-cooperative agitated clients to prevent lateral falls

Strong nylon & polyester straps allowing the person to be in a sitting, semi-inclined or inclined position

Straps especially designed for the legs, prevents falls and allows the adjustment and positioning of the legs