We are currently taking applications only for our specialized wheelchair accessible one-bedroom plus caregiver den vacancy.


  1. Someone living in the unit that uses a wheelchair.
  2. Live-in 24/7 caregiver who needs the space to rest/take a break.
  3. Demonstrates alignment with our co-op values of equity, shared responsibility, social responsibility, and access.

Apply for Northern Way Co-op

Application Process

At Northern Way Housing Co-op we are a community of volunteers. We have very limited office staff support. We will accept membership applications and inquiries via online form (below) and by mail.


We may have subsidies available at this time.


The membership committee will contact you for an interview, if qualify for membership. At your interview you will learn more about the expectations and responsibilities of membership. Here you will also learn more about our co-op and will be able ask any questions that you may have. After your interview you will be notified if your membership application has been approved. If approved, your application will be placed on our wait list.

Wait List

No phone calls please. Please do not call and ask your position on our wait list or when you can expect a unit. Some applicants may wait for years before they are offered a unit, others may only wait a few months. Unit availability depends on vacancy rate and how many applicants are on the wait list.

When a unit becomes available we start at the top of the wait list and continue down until a suitable applicant is available. Often when a unit becomes available many applicants have already found other housing and so your position on the list can move quite quickly. While you are on the waiting list, keep your application up-to-date. Let us know of any changes, be it address, phone number, or income changes. Please submit any changes by email.

Membership Application

Northern Way Housing Co-op, 100-675 East 5th Ave, Vancouver BC V5T 4P1 info@northernwaycoop.ca