Hello, I have an electric stand up laz boy chiar that I am giving away if anyone is interested. It is supper comfortable and the only reason it was being replaced with a new one is that the wiers coming out of the controller have some damage. It is still in perfect working order and should be easy to repair the damage. It is worth $3600.00 new so I am just wanting it to go to someone who would like it. 

I would have placed pictures of it, it is brown by the way, but the site would not let me. When I tried it told me the file was to big. They need to work on that as it was a simple picture taken on my cell phone.

Anyway if you are interested and you contact me I can send pictures. This offer will not be available for to long as I have had to place it in the hallway of my appartment because I just don’t have the room in my unit to keep it so I will have to get it moved sooner than later.