After Trevor’s SCI (C1-C2), a family member worked very hard to find a way for Trevor to stay warmer safely. She researched extensively and found this “Infant Warmer”, an “innovative, affordable and easy to use solution for warming of clinically stable premature and low birth weight newborns”, manufactured in India. She ordered a unit and it eventually found its way to Canada.

Trevor died in a car accident soon after it arrived. We had experimented a little with finding ways to make it work for him, but we hadn’t really figured out how best to use it.

I’d like to offer this unit to someone who is curious about finding ways to make it work for them. It cost more than $1000, but I’m uncertain whether you’ll be able to access the necessary “WarmPaks” to replace the ones that came with the machine.

We may be able to deliver.

If it works for you, perhaps you’d like to make a donation to SCI-BC.