One set Yamaha Extender Power Assist Wheels: Barely used. Has 2 great lithium batteries and charger. I have kept them fully charged during the time that I haven’t use the wheels due to an injury I got for years ago. I basically haven’t use them for four years. They were brand new when I bought them. They were great. Private message me. 3000 OBO. I also have all the hardware to set them up on a Ti wheelchair.Xtender wheels are a power assist device that can be ordered on new Quickie wheelchairs or added to existing compatible Quickie wheelchairs to allow users to travel longer distances, climb steeper hills and traverse less than ideal terrains.

In addition to added stamina and power for the user, these wheels also reduce the strain put on the user’s wrists, arms and shoulders, enabling them to continue using a manual wheelchair longer before having to upgrade to a conventional power wheelchair and helping reduce the chances of injury.