This awesome gently used ROVI-X3 by Invacare can been seen on the following product website:

It comes with several add-ons including attendant controls, a Whitmyer Adapt-a-plush headrest (with wraparound adjustable wings), a backrest that can have side lateral supports added, two lateral thigh supports, a padded footrest, gel pad armrests and a knee/thigh abductor device (flip up and down with lever). It also has a second controller for power features like tilt in space, elevating leg rests, and seat height as well as the standard joystick. 

Like all controllers, speed settings can be adjusted by a technician to support safe driving at various speeds including having separate profiles for user and caregiver driving. 

Comes complete with charger. Various cushions available. Seat is 18″ wide. Depth is variable.