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On October 19 (Canadian Election Day), SCI BC staff found the following email in their inboxes. Here’s why SCI BC Executive Director, Chris McBride, thinks you—and everyone you know—should get out and vote!

Good Monday morning, Everyone,

Today is a very important day, and while it is not for me to tell you who to vote for in today’s federal election, I can’t encourage you strongly enough to get out and vote. And I can’t encourage you strongly enough to get everyone you know in your personal and professional lives to get out and vote.

As an employer, I am legally obliged to provide you up to 3 hours off work to cast your ballot (assuming you’re working today and need the time to do so). If you require it, take it!

Too many people don’t cast their vote because they aren’t sure who to vote for. If this is you, I encourage you to use CBC’s Vote Compass, which shows you your alignment with the 5 major parties’ platforms. It’s also kind of fun. Just click on this link and give it a go:

A vote to remember: Chris’ daughter, Neve, 18, heads to the polls for the first time.

If you want to know where the parties stand on disability-related issues, please check out Heather’s excellent blog:

This morning, I am off to the polls with my 18 year old daughter for her first chance to have her voice heard in in the electoral process. She did her research and is eager to vote for the party of her choice. It’ll be a proud moment for the two of us and I’m excited to experience it with her (once she manages to drag her butt out of bed…)

Another reason too many people don’t vote is because they think their vote doesn’t matter. BS. Everyone’s vote matters. And it matters who is elected – over the past decade or so, Canada’s politics have become more divergent, polarized, and divisive, and the impact of the different parties’ direction more obviously felt.

Your voice, my voice, all of our voices are at the heart of our precious democracy. Today is the day to make your voice heard. So whether your colour is red, orange, blue, green or something else, whether you want change or more of the same, please let your ballot be your voice. Get out and vote.To our Canada!


Chris McBride, PhD
Executive Director
Spinal Cord Injury BC
(formerly BC Paraplegic Association)

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