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To Uber or not to Uber?

Are You Ready for Uber?

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What's So Funny?

What’s So Funny?


The Language Around Disability...

The Language Around Disability…


Actors with Disabilities vs. Able-bodied Actors

Should characters with disabilities be played solely be actors with disabilities?

disabilitytheatrepollIn our Summer issue of The Spin, we talk about the challenge directors face in finding actors with disabilities—and about Realwheels Theatre, a Vancouver-based theatre company trying bridge the gap in dramatic training for people with disabilities. Today, the conversation around actors and roles with disabilities is increasingly prevalent. (Just this year, Eddie Redmayne, an able bodied actor, took home an Oscar for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything.) We want to hear what you think.

Online Dating Poll


In our Spring 2015 issue of the The Spin, we heard from five SCI BC Peers about the choices and challenges particular to online dating with a disability. Now, we want to hear from you!

Accessibility Symbol Poll

In 1969, the universal symbol for accessibility (symbol A) made its first appearance as a globally recognizable icon. Since then, there have been several attempts to create a wheelchair symbol more representative of the ways in which people with disabilities function in modern society. Do we need to re-evaluate our universal accessibility symbol? Which of the icons below would you like to see as a universal standard?


SCI BC Infographic Wording Poll

Earlier this year, one particular section of an SCI BC infographic (circled in red) caused a great deal of discussion. Take a look at the image, then answer the question below.


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