Karen Gillespie

Karen Gillespie Karen Gillespie is the newest member of the SCI BC team, stepping into the role of Manger of Finance and HR. She holds a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and is a CPA [...]

Jessica Kruger

Jessica Kruger Jessica Kruger grew up on a sailboat and circumnavigated the world with her parents and older sister between the ages of six and ten. Her love for travel has continued into [...]

Josh Dueck

Josh Dueck Josh Dueck, best known as a Canadian Paralympic Gold Medalist in sit-skiing, is the newest Peer Program Coordinator for the Kootenay and Kamloops region at SCI BC. Growing up in [...]

Scott James

Scott James Scott James was born into a family of athletes. By the time he was old enough to play organized sports, he had spent more time in arenas and baseball fields than most people do in [...]