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Above image: Squamish Nation Welcome Totem at Ambleside Beach

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I used to play that game, but maybe I’m not disciplined enough to hold myself to them or maybe they weren’t important enough to remember throughout the year. I’m not entirely sure. But what I know is that pretty much any New Year’s resolution I ever made went unfulfilled. And they weren’t even that challenging! Eat more fruit, read more books, exercise more frequently. Not exactly hard resolutions to hold oneself to.

So I stopped making New Year’s resolutions. I think this kind of commitment is just too artificial. Kind of like Valentine’s Day and Fathers Day, neither of which I ever really get too worked up about (there are those on my team who say the same thing about Days for Persons with Disabilities) – we should honour our loved ones all year round, not just on days that have become more about commercial interests than their originally intended spirit.

Maybe it’s that I don’t like to be told what to do…

Anyway, I had a bit of a realization this New Year. It came from my son, who told me that I should really change the wallpaper on my smartphone. I’ve had the same image, one of my own, on it since I got it three and a half years ago. It was nice image – periwinkle in bloom in my garden. The lockout screen image was a stock one that came with the phone.

I don’t really worry too much about things like the wallpaper on my smartphone, but I thought I’d appease my son and try, at his insistence, to change things up. So I did. With his assistance, I selected two new images, variations of a silhouette of the Squamish Nation’s Welcoming Totem at Ambleside Beach at sunset. I thought it was symbolic – welcoming in the New Year – and had the right attributes for a wallpaper image for my phone.

For the next two days, I irritated my son and family by continually going on about how it was like I had a new phone! It felt like total renewal.

Which got me thinking.

Calendar dates can be important reference points. For me, they can be points of reflection. They can also be points for renewal, which need not be grand in nature. Sometimes, the little points of renewal can have big impacts on ones outlook or mood.

So as with the wallpaper on my phone, I’m doing a few little bits of personal renewal this January and will look to do the same at points along the 2014 calendar (solstices are good points for that – the changing of the seasons and all). This feels much better than the artificial resolutions I once put out there.


Because I’m actually doing them.

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