Have Wheelchair … Will Travel: A New Accessible Travel Project

Traveling with a disability is a daunting proposal—especially for those with new injuries. Fortunately, there are many trailer-blazers in our midst who have dared to go where no man or woman on wheels have gone before. Their stories are sometimes blissful and hilarious, other times catastrophic, but always educational.

Between the knowledge they’ve earned and the efforts of the travel industry to adapt to the needs of those with disabilities, taking a long-distance voyage can now be a relatively smooth experience—if you’re prepared.

That’s why Spinal Cord Injury BC has partnered with the Vancouver Airport Authority to share our peers’ wisdom far and wide with our Accessible Travel Series.

Watch these short video tutorials to learn step-by-step what happens once you get to the airport. You can also watch videos of different people with disabilities sharing their best travel stories and the travel tips they learned along the way.

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Power Chair Travel Tips

SCI BC & YVR: Partners for Accessible Travel

An Accessible Travel Series

Getting to the Airport

Checking In

Getting Through Security

The Gate

Transferring with Assistance

Self Transfers

On the Plane

Baggage Pickup

My first trip as a quadriplegic

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