Peer Webinar topics include spinal cord injury research, nutrition, secondary health complications such as bowel and bladder management, sexual health, physical activity, accessible travel, skin care and more.

The mission of care program was created to make a difference in people’s lives, inspiring them to experience the joy of giving while educating individuals regarding there own financial future.

SCI BC and FS Financial Strategies have partnered to create a series of online webinars. 

We will share how FS Financial Strategies’ ONE LESS WORRY program helps individuals with disabilities and their families navigate all things financial. 

Over the next months join us online to learn more:

Thursday June 4th                2 pm – 3 pm

Everything you need to know about the RDSP and how FS Financial Strategies can help 

Thursday June 25th               2 pm – 3 pm

Where to go and how to qualify for Extended Health Benefits and how FS Financial Strategies can help 

Thursday July 23rd                2 pm – 3 pm

 Life, Travel and other insurance for you and your family and how FS Financial Strategies can help 

Thursday August 20th          2 pm – 3 pm

Wills, estate planning, trusts and other legal information and how FS Financial Strategies can help

 You can watch all our previous Peer Webinars on our YouTube page. Check our Events Calendar to learn more about our upcoming webinars and explore our webinar archive below:

The Canadian Assisted Travel Society

March 27 – Monica Gartner, chairperson of the Canadian Assisted Travel Society (CATS), talks about how CATS can provide assistance to individuals with disabilities who qualify and require the assistance of a personal care attendant when traveling.

The Equipment and Assistive Technology Initiative (EATI)

November 2013 – Paul Gauthier talks about how you can benefit from EATI to get individualized funding for the assessment, trialing, and acquisition of equipment and assistive devices to meet your employment goals.

The Disabled Sailing Association of British Columbia

October 2013 – Eric Molendyk of the Disabled Sailing Association of BC talks about how people of all abilities can start sailing. Learn about how you will get in and out of the boat, the training process, and how you can use sip and puff straws to guide your sail boat entirely on your own.

Sex & Disability: In search of equal opportunities in sexual expression

March 2013 – This session we will explore and have a frank discussion about the challenges many people with disabilities face when it comes to sexual expression, facilitated by Dave Symington and Terry LeBlanc, co-founders of the group Equitable and Accessible Sexual Expression (EASE).

Medical Marijuana: Proposed changes from the Canadian Government

February 2013 – Rielle Capler, PHD student and co-founder of the  joined us to talk about “The Current State of Medical Cannabis in Canada,” therapeutic uses of cannabis and information on services that dispensaries provide. If you missed it, you can access a video of the webinar on our YouTube page.

SCI Action Canada: Free physical activity counseling over the phone!

January 2013 – Jennifer Tomasone Ph.D, talks about SCI Action Canada and how you can use their free services to get physical activity counseling over the phone. She also discusses best practices when it comes to exercise for those with SCI. SCI Action Canada’s mission is to develop and mobilize strategies to inform, teach and enable people living with SCI to initiate and maintain a physically active lifestyle.

Accessible Adventure Travel

November 2012 – Amy Billingsley, is a cruise and travel consultant who specializes in accessible travel. She talks about how seemingly inaccessible places, like Machu Piccu in Peru, are accessible travel destinations afterall. What possibilities exist, what you need to know, and how to plan appropriately.

Stem Cell Ethics Relating to Stem Cell Tourism

October 2012 – Marleen Eijkholt, Ph.D., is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the National Core for Neuroethics at UBC. There are many ethical issues surrounding the use of stem cell procedures for spinal cord injuries. We all need to understand and be concerned about what is right and what is wrong, what is good science and bad science and most important – how it affects us all.

The State of Canadian SCI Research

October 2012 – Dr. Wolfram Tetzlaff, acting Director of ICORD, shares his knowledge on the state of stem cell research in Canada. What exactly is going on in Canada, the provinces, here at ICORD and where Canadian research policy stands on stem cell research.

Nutrition and Exercise

September 2012 – Joanne Smith, a Holistic Nutritionist, presents for the first of a two part series on how nutrition influences exercise specifically for those with SCIs and other physical disabilities.

How Yoga Helped me Rehabilitate after a Spinal Cord Injury

July 2013 – Mary-Jo Fetterly, is an established yoga teacher who trains people of all abilities. Since a skiing accident left her with a complete C4, C5 quadriplegic injury, Mary-Jo has gone from barely being able to move her right arm to being able to control her core and lift both arms, thanks to her daily yoga practice and other alternative therapies. Learn more about Mary-Jo at

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