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Another year has come and gone – and what a year it’s been. The SCI BC Annual Report 2020 highlights our accomplishments, shares peer stories and showcases the amazing community connections we’ve built during a particularly unique and challenging year. We hope you enjoy it!

New Connections: Our Annual Report 2020

Adjust, adapt, and thrive: it’s what Spinal Cord Injury BC (SCI BC) has been helping people with spinal cord injury (and related disabilities) and their families do since 1957. But in 2020, our mission took on an added layer of meaning.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, SCI BC did its own adjusting and adapting to keep our staff and members safe while ensuring our services continued. We quickly moved our Provincial Peer Services online and expanded our Information Services capacity to respond to a massive increase in queries about the pandemic and related challenges. Our communications team focused on sharing important, valid information through our trusted connections with government, research and community partners. It was all hands on deck.

The response from our members was an appreciation for keeping them informed and connected in a world that was flooded with uncertainty and a heightened state of social isolation.

Connection has always been at the heart of what we do. Connections with peers, information, community partners and supporters. The use of new technologies during these unprecedented times has not only allowed us to strengthen connections but also build new ones. It is through all of these connections—established and new—that we continue to thrive as an organization.

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