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If you haven’t yet heard of or participated in our “Sorry No Vacancy” Housing Research project, please read the previous blog entry here which explains the project and will take you to the survey questions.

A week into our SCI BC housing research project, we are pleased with the response from the community. Although we have not yet analyzed the responses provided to our survey questions, we know that the time people have taken to respond will provide useful insight into the challenges of finding accessible housing in BC. We look forward to examining the survey results over the next few months because we know that the experiences of our members, others searching for accessible housing, and those assisting housing seekers, will be invaluable.

Our goal is to use the survey results to inform ourselves and our partners about what is needed to alleviate the housing challenges we regularly hear about from our members. Just this week I had a call from a person in immediate need of accessible, affordable housing in BC. With very few vacancies out there, and most too expensive for those who are low income, the options are limited. With greater knowledge of exactly what the barriers are and how to best overcome them, calls like this one should become easier to resolve over time.

Anyone filling out the survey has the opportunity to choose to respond anonymously. However, people who include contact information can opt to receive a copy of the survey results and/or contact with our InfoLine staff about housing search options.

We encourage people to fill out the survey and to share it via social media and with your networks. By obtaining a greater cross-section of responses from across the province, our results will be more comprehensive and more valuable to anyone with a stake in accessible housing in BC.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact me, Heather, at 1 800 689 2477, ext. 2 or Thanks again to everyone for the survey participation.

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