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The Rick Hansen Foundation has been generously gifted an almost new Proudrider Scooter, which they would like to see utilized by someone in need as soon as possible.  If you feel you or a friend of family member would benefit from this equipment please see the special equipment application and guidelines below. 

Application deadline: Feb 29, 2012. 

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  • Linda Vassey

    HI my son Cole Vassey 33 years old has Spina Bifida. He is having a very difficult time getting around as he has developed arthritis in his lower back which is also affecting his hip. He finds that walking is becoming more and more difficult as he is getting older. He has had in the past an operation on his hip and i know the walking is starting to take a toll on it.
    The Proudrider would benefit him greatly as he lives in the West End and does a tremendous amount of of walking in a day.
    I will get him to fill out the application form and see from there.

    thanks so much
    Linda Vassey (mother)

    • Jen

      That’s great Linda. Wishing you and Cole the best of luck with your application.

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