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As we head into a new year, we wanted to take a moment and look back on some of the amazing stories we’ve shared throughout 2022!


2022 brought us some must-read blogs on winter gloves for wheeling, inspiring stories from our peers, research on bowel routine and much more. Keep scrolling down below to see our top 10 blogs of 2022!

1. Building a Better FreeWheel

An inside look at how BCIT and ICORD researcher Dr. Jaimie Borisoff is taking one of the most popular wheelchair add-ons ever created to the next level.


2. Best Gloves for Winter Wheeling

With a lot of snow starting us off in 2022 , and as cold, wet and slushy weather takes a firm hold, one of the most common discussion topics has started up again—what’s the right glove for winter wheeling?


3. Ripped: SCI BC Peer Lifts to New Heights with Bodybuilding

With his recently-won pro card, Kamloops bodybuilder Tory Jones is looking forward to succeeding at the highest level of the sport in this year’s iconic Olympia competition.


4. Speed Matters: Spinal Cord Simulation Device Aids in Bowel Routine

In survey after survey, people with SCI report extreme dissatisfaction with the time-consuming steps they have to take to complete their bowel routine. Could the solution be a surgery-free spinal cord stimulation device?


5. Chairstuff’s New Community & Education Section Offers Curated Information and Videos.

Chairstuff has been a supplier of specialized bowel and bladder supplies for over a decade and a sponsor to SCI BC since 2019. Recently, they added a Community & Education section to their website. Here, you’ll find a wealth of carefully curated information and videos to help support you.


6. New SCI BC Adaptive Cycling Program

What bike should I get? How do I find the right fit? Where are the accessible trails near me? Get all the answers to these questions and more with our NEW adaptive cycling program!


7. Be Seen…Get a Brake! The Best Wheelchair Lights for Visibility

Research from ICORD confirms that adding visibility elements to your wheelchair is the best way to stay safe at night. Here’s why!


8. Back in the Hunt: An Accessible Hunting Adventure

A unique partnership between Kelowna-based Accessible Wilderness Expeditions and an Okanagan construction company is providing opportunities for peers to experience big game hunting in BC’s backcountry.


9. A Difficult Journey to Sweet 16

Most young girls dream of their sweet 16th birthday. It’s no different for Ainsley who celebrated the big moment this May. But the journey to get here hasn’t been easy. Her mom explains.


10. Celebrating our Charity Challenge 10th Anniversary: Racer Profile with Kristi Leer

To celebrate our 10th anniversary of the Charity Challenge we’re featuring some of our amazing Team SCI BC racers. Next up, Kristi Leer!


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