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Nominations for the 2024 Susan Marshall Fighting Spirit Award will open March 1.

SCI BC is pleased to announce the relaunch of the Susan Marshall Fighting Spirit Award.

Susan Marshall became a C5 quadriplegic as a result of a motor vehicle crash in Nova Scotia in August 1985. Serious health issues and difficulties from surgical complications plagued her life after disability. She always managed to laugh, joke and smile, despite the constant pain and suffering which she was forced to endure. Her main concern was always the wellbeing of the other people in her life. On numerous occasions, when the medical professionals were about to give up hope, Susan would bounce back against seemingly impossible odds. This “fighting spirit” was immediately apparent to anyone who came in contact with Susan and impacted many of us.  

A photograph of Susan Marshall, courtesy of her family.
Rick Hansen and Susan Marshall.

Following Susan’s death in 1999, her good friend Roger Jones honoured her legacy by establishing the Susan Marshall Fighting Spirit Award Fund within the BC Paraplegic Foundation.

The Susan Marshall Fighting Spirit Award recognizes SCI BC peers who exhibit Susan’s resilience, positive attitude and concern for the well-being of others. Previous recipients of the award include: 

  • 2000 – Mary Williams  
  • 2001 – Ted Brownlee  
  • 2002 – Ron Stead  
  • 2003 – Maudy Bevan  
  • 2004 – Johanna Johnson  
  • 2005 – Robert Kay  
  • 2006 – Sherry Caves  
  • 2007 Brad Jacobson  
  • 2009 – Diana Dimitru  
A past award ceremony for the Susan Marshall Fighting Spirit Award.

Now, after a fifteen-year hiatus, we are relaunching this prestigious award. Nominations will open March 1, 2024 and close May 31, 2024. The award, which includes a cheque for $1,000, will be presented at SCI BC’s 2024 Annual General Meeting. Details on the nomination process will be shared when the nominations open, and will require nominators to describe: 

  • How the nominee exhibits a “Fighting Spirit”.
  • The activities the nominee has been involved within their own community, or with SCI BC, that have benefited other members of the community.
  • How the nominee is a role model for other members of SCI BC and/or the broader community.
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