Communications Specialist
Vancouver, BC

Alison Brierley

Alison originally joined SCI BC in 2016 as a Communications Intern. After her internship ended, she transitioned to marketing and communications work in higher education and was a member of CityHive’s 30 under 30 civic and community engagement network. She is excited to be back and working with the SCI BC team!

With a BA in English and Psychology and a certificate in Film Arts, Alison is passionate about using her skills to create meaningful messaging, video, photography and design. She has been a member of various editorial teams for Vancouver-based magazines and is a published short fiction author. In 2017, Alison was a quarter-finalist for Vancouver’s Crazy8s film festival and in 2020, her short film and screenplay was accepted into the 2020 Portland Comedy Film Festival.

When Alison isn’t drafting the latest communications message she enjoys exploring record stores near her home in East Van and attending local concerts. In the winter, look for her at a craft brewery or watching SNL. In the summer, find her at New Brighton Pool swimming laps or (attempting) to surf in Tofino. Alison has travelled throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand is always happy to talk travel or swap hostel stories!

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