Digital Communications Coordinator
Vancouver, B.C.

Gabe Chesman

Gabe Chesman is the Digital Communications Coordinator at SCI BC. A recent transplant from the US, Gabe spent the past six years working as the Social Media Strategist for a news distribution company that focused on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability initiatives. His time in the corporate world provided him the opportunity to hone his writing skills and clarified his desire to move into the non-profit sector. He brings a wealth of experience and a delightfully sarcastic sense of humour to the team.

When he’s not at work you can find Gabe snuggling with his schnauzer, relaxing in the pool or hot tub and enjoying cuisine from around the world.

He enjoys a good documentary (typically about something dark), singing off-key to whatever is on the radio and a nice glass of scotch.

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