Provincial Peer Program Lead
Vancouver, BC
(604) 326-1210

Jenna Wright

Originally from Ontario, Jenna spent most of her upbringing outside. Whether it was fighting off the flies in the summer while on canoe trips or shoveling the driveway to get to ski practice, Jenna has always preferred being confined by trees than 4 walls. Only 6 years ago, Jenna made the move to Vancouver to pursue her passion for the outdoors (leaving her fly swatter and shovel behind).

With a BASc in Adult Development & Well-being and a post-graduate diploma in Therapeutic Recreation, Jenna seeks to combine her love for the outdoors with her passion for providing inclusive opportunities. She comes to us having worked for Power to Be & Camp Goodtimes, part of the Canadian Cancer Society, to continue her advocacy for inclusion. At SCI BC, Jenna will work to support the programs and events happening around the province as the Provincial Events Lead.

Outside of work you can find Jenna adventuring around BC with her partner and their four-legged pal Abby or paddling in False Creek competing with her dragonboat team.

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