Peer Program Coordinator
Okanagan, BC

Spring Hawes

Spring Hawes lives in Kelowna, in the beautiful Okanagan valley, which is the unceded territory of the Sylix people. Spring was injured in 2005, while riding in a mountain bike terrain park. She has a C-7 complete injury.

Spring finds a sense of community in her disabled peers. “There’s a comfort in being with people who have similar experiences. We learn from and support each other, in a world that often misunderstands us. Disabled people are innovative and creative and have so much to share.”

She is an advocate, entrepreneur, past elected official, board director for a provincial health authority and has recently been appointed co-chair of BC’s Provincial Accessibility Committee. She has always worked to advance equity and equality for under-represented groups such as disabled people and women, and imagines a world that truly celebrates the rich diversity that is the human condition.

Spring enjoys travel, music, good food and beautiful things. She has two grown children, and a baby granddaughter she loves spending time with.

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