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Exoskeleton: What does it feel like to walk again after 23 years? Kirsten heads to Vancouver’s Blusson Spinal Cord Centre (ICORD) to test drive the exoskeleton and discover its benefits and limitations firsthand. “It felt like I was trying a new sport,” says Kirsten.


Wheelchair Motocross: Tricks, jumps, and massive drops: We catch up with wheelchair motocrosser and SCI BC peer Darryl Tait and chat about everything from gear and guts, to mentors and world records. Plus, Darryl attempts to drop into a massive quarterpipe, and our host, Kirsten Sharp, takes on a skate park challenge of her own.


Wheelchair Rugby: Ever wonder how wheelchair rugby got started? Or even how it got its name? (Yes, it was previously called Murderball.) SCI BC TV host, Kirsten Sharp, sits down with wheelchair rugby co-founder Duncan Campbell, two national Rugby players, and SCI BC’s own peer, Jessica Kruger to learn all about the Paralympic sport.


Ride for Spine: Four years ago, David Parke didn’t know if he would ever walk—let alone bike ride—again. SCI BC TV talks with David about the Ride for Spine fundraiser—a 1,730 km bike ride through British Columbia to raise funds and awareness for Spinal Cord Injury BC—and why it’s so important to give back.




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