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This July, two vehicles, each with at least $40,000 worth of adaptive equipment, were stolen in Vancouver. Ever since, Detective Phil Ens and Detective Bryan Mckeddie of the Auto Crime Enforcement (ACE) unit have been busy concocting a plan to protect our vehicles.

“One of the victims used the specially equipped vehicle as their means of transportation to work,” says Detective Ens. “It’s just not right. And you know that vehicle won’t be useful in the same way to anyone else. They probably just sold it for scrap metal.”

That’s why the Vancouver Police want to install a free immobilizer in your vehicle.

“The ACE unit and the Vancouver Police will incur all costs for the immobilizer and installation to help provide more security for all our citizens with special needs,” says Detective Ens. “The immobilizer has been proven to be the most effective way of preventing auto theft,” he says.

“Vancouver residents or organizations in Vancouver using these specially equipped vehicles may contact the Auto Crime Enforcement Unit and we will arrange for qualified technicians to attend their residence and install an immobilizer system into their vehicle if it is not already equipped with one.”

If you live in Vancouver or drive to Vancouver regularly for work, and you use a vehicle with adaptive equipment, then you qualify for a free immobilizer. Detective Ens says that vehicles built in 2008 or later are all equipped with immobilizers, but you can contact us if you’re not sure.

SCI BC 50+ Peer Mentor and Board Member helped launch the program on December 17. To see Terry at the media event held at the Vancouver Police Headquarters, Click here.

Please contact Maureen at or 604-326-1225 if you are interested and we will put you in touch with the ACE unit.

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