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Each month Vivian Garcia, long time Peer mentor and organizer of the Surrey City Centre SCI BC Peer Coffee Group puts together a newsletter about upcoming Surrey events, opportunities, and important information for people living with SCI—featured here in Vivian’s Corner.

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This edition of Vivian’s Corner highlights: 

  • Theme: Accessibility at Surrey Central Library and other BC Libraries, as well as cooking with SCI resources and experiences.
  • Presentation: Braden Huxtable of READ-Ability spoke about library services, online resources and apps available.
    • View the handouts about library apps available from many libraries.
  • InfoLine Corner: Medical Supply Coverage in BC

SCI BC Surrey City Centre Bean There Coffee Group

Next Meeting: Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Theme: Mindfulness

Surrey City Centre Library, READ Ability Lounge


Library Information:

Interesting Articles:

Current Research Opportunities:

Cooking Resources and Experiences:


Surrey Central Library’s READ-Ability Department 

READ-Ability Services is here to help you access library materials.

They offer home delivery to eligible patrons, specialized collections for print disabilities, assistive technology, and a range of other services.

Make sure to read the full May newsletter for information on accessing a large number of Surrey Libraries’ online services! 

Surrey Libraries also has a Community Services page, which highlights available programs and services for free or low cost throughout Surrey. These are available in categories like “food and meals,” “employment,” “housing,” “legal,” and many more!

Not located in Surrey? Check out our SCI BC Blog on standard Library Resources for People with Disabilities. You can also search here for the public library in your BC community!

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with Heather Lamb, MSW

An Overview of Medical Supplies Coverage

Coverage for medical supplies is patchwork.

People who are currently covered by a workplace policy (extended health) should check their plan and read the fine print to find out what happens at retirement. In the past, people were often covered until death but most plans now stop at 65 or 70 or within two years of retirement.

People who are on PWD (the BC government’s Persons with Disabilities program) can usually maintain their medical equipment and supplies coverage after PWD ends at 65, when people transition to regular CPP, OAS or GIS.

See details on PWD medical coverage here: Leaving Disability Benefits.

People on WorkSafe BC coverage should ask their case manager for details of coverage.

People who are on CPP disability usually do not have coverage at all, unless they qualify for the BC Medical Services Only program or the Life-Threatening Health Needs program.

People should consider talking to their MLA to advocate for coverage after 65. You can find your local MLA contact info here. 


Call SCI BC’s InfoLine: 1-800-689-2477, toll-free: 9 am–5 pm, Monday–Friday. Or contact us via email at

Heather Lamb, Information Resource Specialist

Thanks for reading this month’s Vivian’s Corner! Stay tuned for Vivian’s June newsletter and be sure to join the next Surrey Bean There Coffee Group meeting on June 5, 2019.

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