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These days, we’re all spending more time alone in order to keep ourselves and others safe. Practising physical distancing or quarantining may seem like a daunting task, but we’re in this together and we’re here to help. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of activities and resources to explore while we hang out at home. From strength training to kicking back with an audiobook to more practical things like doing a wellbeing course for SCI—here are some ideas to stay busy and productive.

a person in a wheelchair pulls a tray of muffins out of the oven.
Take up a new hobby, like cooking with our low-budget recipes! Photo credit: Disabled and Here


Try out a recipe from one of our cooking classes

No time like the present to learn how to cook! Check out recipes from our cooking classes for easy, low budget and delicious cooking options that will satisfy both your hunger for nutritious food and your hunger for a new hobby!


Watch a movie “with” your friends

Here’s a online solution to keep connected and entertained during self-isolation. Netflix Party—an app that synchronizes video playback and allows you to group chat with your friends! Just download the extension, choose a show, share the url, pull out the popcorn and get your party started!


Audio Books

Whether you’re diving into a great story, or learning something new, audio books are a great way to pass the time in an enjoyable, and educational way. As we delve into fiction, it may seem like we’re just enjoying a great story, but in fact, we’re benefiting our brains. Audio books help us to expand our vocabulary, and allow the visual processes of our brains to get to work in creating meaningful imagery.


Audio books are free with your library card at most BC public libraries. Don’t worry though if you don’t already have one, many BC libraries are offering access to temporary cards; call your local library for details.



Here’s some great tips on keeping active at home from three different sources. As always, it’s recommend that you do not embark on a new exercise program if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, if possible, please consult with your doctor.

Art Monforte, a para-fitness and strength Coach at Sport Manitoba’s Performance Centre recently provided Manitoba Wheelchair Sport Association 10 exercises you can do to keep active using common household items—like the humble, but handy water bottle!


Every Body Fitness has designed resources for people with SCI to help you reach your fitness goals. They have monthly memberships and offer support and twice weekly video workouts that will increase your endurance while burning calories. Workouts are led by a physical therapist with expertise in SCI rehabilitation, and can be self-paced. Right now the first month of the Healthy Start Class Subscription is only $5.00.


Check out the resource guides from SCI Action Canada.  They’re full of valuable guidelines to inform your workout. Including, stretching, strength training, aerobic exercise suggestions, how to monitor yourself, signs and symptoms to look out for while exercising.

GET STRONG with the strength training guide for people with tetraplegia:

GET STRONG with the strength training guide for people with paraplegia:

Fitness Fridays. Join our Virtual Peer Coordinator, Teri Thorson every Friday for a 30-minute home workout instructed completely online! These exercise moves are aimed mostly at manual wheelchairs users, but anyone is welcome to join.




Wellbeing for Spinal Cord Injury Course

This Course was designed because so many people who have depression and anxiety never seek treatment, but many have access to the Internet. Because depression and anxiety commonly occur at the same time it’s important to provide information that can be used to manage both conditions.

Very broadly, the course helps people with thoughts, behaviours and physical symptoms of depression and anxiety. Research shows that it helps people gain control over their symptoms, improve their confidence, and get back to living a full satisfying life.

Lessons are accessed online, and “Do it Yourself” (DIY)  activities and resources are reviewed offline, as well as additional resources for common concerns. With the suggested time frame, clients should engage in the Course for 8 weeks. 

The Course is supported by a researcher at the University of Regina. Clients can email questions or comments about the lessons and exercises to the researcher through the website. The researcher responds once weekly over the 8 weeks.


The GRAGOPEAN Scholarship Trust

SCI BC, in partnership with the Vancouver Foundation, is offering bursaries for persons with spinal cord injuries studying in British Columbia. This fund was created by anonymous donors to assist persons with spinal cord injuries attending post-secondary schools in BC with their tuition, books and/or other learning aids, and other expenses related to their disability that will support education such as housing, transportation, in class assistance including notetaking, etc.

young man in a graduation cap and gown

Read all about the recipients from 2019 and then apply yourself! Applications must be submitted in their entirety no later than May 13, 2020 for September 2020 funding.



We’re stuck inside so why not get our taxes done?

Event though the deadline to file you taxes has been pushed, your time at home may be a good chance to get a headstart. Here’s a great resource to find out more about tax information specific to people with disabilities. Not all of these tips will apply to you; for more specific information regarding your situation, please contact a tax professional who can help you assess your circumstances, and advise you about the best way to file your tax return. Disability Alliance BC also helps people with disabilities to submit tax returns. Go to for details on their services.



Join our online ReachOut! Virtual Peer Groups!

In light of the COVID-19 developments, we have transitioned many of our in-person coffee groups and meetups online! Now you can tune in with other SCI BC Peers and friends from throughout the province for a different activity every weekday. From adapted yoga to movie night – there is something for everyone!


Get “out and about” with virtual tours! 

Not now, but one day (hopefully soon) we’ll be getting out and about again and thinking about our next adventure.  Check out the virtual tours on Access BC and explore some of BC’s best parks and outdoor spaces from the comfort and safety of your home. Check out the accessibility features at each location and enjoy the beautiful scenery!


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